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Industrial drives

Our industrial drives feature double swash plates and multiple opposed pistons. These low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors are available with displacements ranging from 99 cm3 to 4,097 cm3 [6 in3 to 250 in3] and are equipped with various gear box ratios to enable low speed with smooth operation and very little torque ripple. They can operate on a wide range of fluids, including water-glycol, and are well suited for applications such as directional drilling machinery, top-head drives, and marine winches.

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of models and displacements 
  • Smooth operation at speeds down to 1 rpm due to multiple pistons and double swash plate 
  • High starting torque and high overall efficiency
  • Compact and easy installation
  • Robust construction
  • Quiet operations
  • Unaffected by thermal shock (good for starting at cold temperature)


  • Construction: cranes, tunnel boring machines, drill rigs, grapples, and excavators 
  • Processing: conveyors/rolling drives, steel mills, and injection molding machines
  • Marine, oil, and gas: winches, ship steering systems, cranes, capstans, and thrusters
  • Entertainment: ferris wheels and amusement park machines 


  • Peak pressure: 325 bar [4,700 psi]
  • Displacement: 99 cm3 to 4,097 cm3 [6.04 in3 to 250 in3
  • Rated torque: 432 Nm to 15,990 Nm [3,825 lb-in to 14,1525 lb-in]

For more information, see Technical Information: DOWMAX ME motor.



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