Electric converters include high-voltage inverters and DC/DC converters. All of our converters are designed specifically for use in mobile work machines, commercial vehicles, and marine vessels to withstand harsh environments such as high temperatures, vibration, and shock ranges. The same EC-C1200-450 converter can be configured with selectable options for four different applications: motor control, grid-connection, microgrid or DC/DC converter.

Editron converters enable different functions: 

Motor control (+MC) inverter  

  • Used to control electric machines either in motor or generator modes  
  • Enables regenerative braking and respective energy flow management to increase system efficiency   

Grid-connection (+AFE) inverter 

  • Used for active grid interface that can boost the grid voltage to higher DC-level for the system  
  • Compact and robust; often used in stationary applications to reduce battery size and cost. 
  • Designed for use in mobile applications, with no additional cabinets needed to increase protection classes.  

Microgrid (+UG) inverter  

  • Used to create a standalone AC grid from a DC power source (battery, fuel cell, or any other source) 
  • Used in marine vessels or other mobile machinery to provide decentral AC grids to power various kinds of accessory equipment.  

DC/DC converter (+DC) 

  • High-power non-isolated DC/DC converter designed to control power flow to boost voltage 
  • Can also keep DC-link voltage at stable levels while battery voltage varies due to state-of-charge (SoC).