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HIC (hydraulic integrated circuits)-product-category

HIC (hydraulic integrated circuits)

Danfoss' hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) specialty results in a broad cartridge valve portfolio that enables high performance and innovative machine control. HIC options include standard pre-engineered systems from our catalog, custom-designed systems, and flexible modular solutions (MVB 10) that use standard components.

Features and benefits 

  • Compact packages that simplify machine plumbing, reducing costs for fittings, tubes, hoses, and installation 
  • Connections between cartridges made internal to the manifold, resulting in elimination of leak points 
  • Components replaceable without disturbing machine plumbing, dramatically reducing service time and costs 
  • Can be centralized on a machine or strategically located near a function, providing designer flexibility to optimize the design to meet specific application needs 
  • Can be specified and designed to meet your circuit requirements using EasyManifold design tool 


  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Cranes and material handling
  • Forestry
  • Lawn and turf
  • Road building