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PLUS+1® GUIDE libraries

PLUS+1® GUIDE provides pre-built software functions in a variety of libraries to allow machine-specific tailoring using the PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphic User Integrated Development Environment) tool set. In the PLUS+1 GUIDE environment, the developer can configure hardware, select application options and features, and integrate sub-systems.

Product highlights  

  • Flexible library blocks enable machine-specific differentiation and significantly reduce development effort resulting in fast time to market.  
  • Pre-programmed and tested libraries support use with platform variants and ease product life-cycle management. 

Available libraries  

  • Propel application library (Advanced version - purchasable) 
  • Autonomous control library 
  • Work function control library (purchasable) 
  • CANopen library 
  • J1939 function block library (Safety FB Library) 
  • Fault Manager library 
  • Filters library 
  • Widget library 

Library Drawing

Library Drawing2