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Thermoplastic tubing

Our customizable thermoplastic tubing products provide flexible solutions for the conveyance of air, water, powder, or chemicals, and they can be constructed to meet FDA, NSF, UL, SAE, Mil-Spec, and other industry specifications. They’re also available with individualized branding in a variety of lengths and colors to maximize their ease of identification and use.

Thermoplastic tube assembly features and benefits 

  • Can be constructed to meet FDA, NSF, UL, SAE, Mil-Spec, and other standards 
  • Available in a variety of lengths and colors 
  • Offered with customized branding for ease of identification 

Synflex Taste-Rite braided tubing features and benefits 

  • A modified PET barrier bonded to a special polyolefin alloy 
  • Mirror-smooth, nonporous contact surface 
  • Microbial resistance 
  • Superior flow 
  • Flavor integrity 
  • Resistance to gas permeation 

Danfoss Flo-Guard tubing features and benefits 

  • Natural barrier inner core bonded to a modified copolymer cover 
  • Flavor protection 
  • Reusable after cleaning 
  • Maximal flexibility and kink resistance 
  • Ease of installation in confined spaces 
  • Can be permanently thermoformed  


  • Drain 
  • Air 
  • Water 
  • Chemical 
  • Powder 
  • Fuel 
  • Oil 

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