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Packaged systems and customized projects

We offer horizontal, vertical, mobile, and custom packaged systems to help get your projects up and running quickly. Flexible configurations of pumps, motors, tanks, and valves make for easy installation and maintenance while still providing superior durability and functionality.

Horizontal and vertical packaged systems features and benefits

  • Pressures up to 350 bar [5,000 psi]
  • Flows up to 750 cm3/rev [45.8 in3/rev]
  • Reservoir size from 38 L to 3,800 L [10 gal to 1,000 gal]
  • Variable-speed drive ready
  • Motors rated for continuous duty
  • Maintenance friendly

Horizontal and vertical packaged systems applications 

  • Civil engineering projects 
  • Automotive 
  • Pulp and paper 
  • Primary metals 
  • Metal forming 
  • Wind power 
  • Food and beverage 

Mobile packed systems features and benefits 

  • Pressure up to 207 bar [3,000 psi] 
  • Flow up to 6.2 cm3/rev [0.38 in3/rev]
  • Reservoir size up to 6 L [1.6 gal] 
  • Compact, integrated system 
  • No pipes 
  • No leaks 

Mobile packaged systems applications 

  • Construction 
  • Vehicle lifters 
  • Tire changers