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Clutch and brake accessories

Ensure that your clutches and brakes continue performing like new by using genuine Danfoss Airflex replacement parts and kits. Every replacement part is manufactured to the same high standard as the original. Accessories such as quick-release valves and rotorseals are also available.

Replacement parts

  • Exceptional quality
  • An exact fit for Danfoss Airflex products

Electronic slip detection controls  

  • Detect slippage during operation 
  • Aborts the start if excessive slip is detected 

Pneumatic quick release valves 

  • Automatically close upon pressurization and open when pressure drops  
  • Reduced lag time to exhaust
  • Models available with inlet ports allow for either pipe or tubing connections
  • Optional mufflers reduce exhaust noise for an overall quieter system
  • Available in four standard sizes: .95 cm [3/8 in], 1.27 cm [1/2 in], 1.91 cm [3/4 in], and 2.54 cm [1 in] 
  • Flow rate 488 to 1,158 (m3/hr) [121 to 287 ft3/min]

Pneumatic rotorseals

  • Allow passage of pressurized fluids from a stationary inlet to a rotating shaft end  
  • Available with single and dual passages 
  • Non-metallic ring provides a rotating seal to protect against leakage and reduce wear

Pneumatic rotorseal specifications

Product Max pressure (bar) [psi] Max speed at max torque (rpm)
AA2 69 [1,000] 1,000
B3 69 [1,000] 600
C2 69 [1,000] 400
AD 10.3 [150] 1,200
ADP 10.3 [150] 1,200
BD 10.3 [150] 1,200
FDA 10.3 [150] 1,000

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