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Industrial vane motors

With displacements ranging from 44 cm3 to 317 cm3 [2.7 in3 to 19.3 in3], our vane motors provide an efficient and economical means of applying rotary hydraulic power with variable speed. They can operate on a wide range of fluids, including water-glycol, and they are hydraulically balanced to ensure efficiency and low vibration throughout their service lives.

Features and benefits  

  • Reliable -- Danfoss has field-proven these high-performance motors over many years. 
  • Efficient -- Danfoss’ exclusive dual-alternate pressure plate design provides overall efficiency of about 86 percent.  
  • Reversibility -- Through the dual plate design, the motors may be reversed simply by reversing the direction of oil flow.  
  • Series operation -- These motors are suited to series applications. Inlet and outlet ports can be pressurized simultaneously without affecting service life or operating smoothness.  
  • Replaceable cartridge -- A cartridge can be replaced without removing the unit from the application, and usually without disconnecting hydraulic lines.  
  • High speed and pressure 


  • Elevator scraper drives 
  • Hydrostatic drives  
  • Other auxiliary applications 


  • Displacement:  44 cm3 to 317 cm3 [2.7 in3 to 19.3 in3]
  • Continuous pressure ratings: up to 172 bar [2,500 psi]
  • Speeds: up to 3,000 rpm at maximum pressure; speeds up to 4,000 rpm are obtainable, as in transmission applications where high travel speeds under light loads are required. 

For more information, see Danfoss® Vane Pump & Motor Design Guide.


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